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Parent-Teacher Organization

PTO Meeting Minutes- 10/5/17

Part 1- Executive Meeting

  • Call to order@ 4:00pm
  • Roll call/ Attendance (Sign in) - Attached
  • Establish quorum
  • Exec meeting minutes approval – MM – Motion/JD-2nd/Passed
  • Budget updates -None
  • Next Meeting date- November 2nd
  • Future agenda items
  • Adjournment @ 4:04pm


Part II- General Meeting

  • Call to Order @ 4:05pm
  • Roll call/ Attendance (sign in)
  • Establish Quorum
  • General and Executive Meeting minutes of Sept. 7, 2017 (review & adopt)- MM-Motion/JD-2nd/Passed
  • Open Forum (2 minutes per person)


  • Officer Reports
    • President- Tina Papazian


  • Vice- President – Daisy Kazanchian

Not Present

  • Treasurer- Mark Van Dam

Account Summary - $7600 in checking/$3000 in savings

8 transactions

$44 was an AVID expense

Standing Rules – reviewed by Executive Committee

            Elections – submitted in advance

            60% of officers in attendance for quorum

            Officer positions have been updated in our by-laws

ByLaws – Qualifications for being an officer

                        Positions updated re: 2 term rule

                        Quorum updated

Move to accept By Laws and Standing Rules – MM/Motion/TP/Seconded/Approved

  • Financial Secretary - Marsha Minassian

BTS Night we took in over $2000

For PLBAO Night – Bake Sale & Drinks will be on sale

  • Member at Large- John DeLuca

No Report

  • Budget Updates - Mark Van Dam

See above

  • Bylaws Updates –

See above

  • Teacher/ staff requests – N/A

Chatsworth Community Coordinating Council – Motion for $20 Donation MM/2nd JD/Approved

AVID PSAT bill from 8/9/17 of last year $330.00 Motion to pay past due bill out of AVID account MP/motion/TP 2nd/Approved

  • Confirm Upcoming fundraisers- Tabled until Spring Semester
  • New Business
    • Request for new golf cart for LMS security guards - Fix existing one, or buy a used one?

The two golf carts the school has are not fixable.  Used carts $3000-$4000 each.  Admin are looking at requesting funding from Student Body.  PTO could donate up to $2000 towards the security cart with the understanding that the additional funds are forthcoming from other sources. Motion JD – Donate up to but not exceeding $2000 to assist the school with new security carts TP/Motion// MVD/2nd /Approved

  • Request for PTO check to secure buses for Mr. Smiley’s field trip with collected money from Mr. Smiley

-Insurance acquired through district (K & K). Riley’s Farm needs to add us to their account as an additional insured.  There should be a small excess. No school time is missed.  MV motioned that we support the Riley’s Farm Trip.  MM 2nd. Approved.


  • Old/ Continuing Business
    • Membership drive-new dates/ plans
    • Student Activities Support
    • Student Welfare Support

Hygiene items needed for students

  • Staff Support/Activities

Up to but not exceeding $40 for hospitality for Student Led Parent Conferences in Room 45

  • Recruiting more members
  • School Assemblies/Activities
  • Announcements:
    • Next meeting - November2, 2017
    • Future agenda items- MUN

   Spring Fundraiser

  • Adjournment – 4:40pm
PTO Meeting Agenda- 10/5/17
PTO Meeting Agenda- October 5, 2017