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Dress Code

In order to facilitate the optimal academic focus in our school, the following Dress Code and Uniform Requirements have been implemented (and district approved) at Lawrence Middle School:


Be Safe

  1. Pocket chains are not allowed on campus.
  2. Gauges with points, large hoop earrings (over 1 inch in diameter) and any other jewelry that possess a potential hazard are not permitted.
  3. Platform and open toed shoes, sandals or slippers are not permitted.High heels are not permitted.


Be Responsible

  1. Only “Approved” Lawrence Middle School hats, visors or shirts (i.e. 8th Grade Class shirts) are permitted on campus.Hats must be worn outdoors only.They will be taken away if they are worn inside a building on campus. The brim must be facing forward at all times.Any other non-official hat, hood, or headgear of any kind is not permitted and will be removed and held until picked up by a parent/guardian.
  2. Shorts, skirts, and dresses MUST be at least finger tip length.
  3. Leggings, jeggings, yoga pants or tights MAY NOT be worn at any time.
  4. Any clothing or accessories that are disruptive to the educational process are not permitted.
  5. Graffiti or inappropriate language or symbols are not permitted on backpacks, clothing, notebooks or planners.
  6. Shorts may not be worn in conjunction with high socks.
  7. Gloves may not be worn on campus.
  8. Pajamas are not permitted except on designated Pajama Day(s).
  9. Blankets are not allowed at school and not acceptable to wear as a jacket.


Be Respectful

  1. Students shall wear a solid color “polo” style shirt (pullover style that has a collar and sleeves) and must be long enough to be tucked into pants/shorts/skirts. The shirt collar must be visible when an outer garment is worn. All shirts MUST have sleeves. Exposed midsections, backs, cleavage, bare shoulders and see-through tops are not permitted. T-shirts, flannels, button up shirts and blouses are not considered outer ware and may not be worn over polo shirts.
  2. Ripped pants are not allowed, regardless of whether skin is exposed.
  3. Jackets, outer clothing and sun-protective wear must follow LMS Dress Code Requirements.
  4. All pants must remain at the waist without the use of a belt, and may not be more than one size too large (not oversized).
  5. Belts cannot be oversized and hang down from belt loops, and belt buckles with initials are not allowed.
  6. White tee shirts are considered undergarments and are not permitted at school without an outer garment covering them.
  7. Clothing or insignias that are vulgar or profane, or that advocate racial, ethnic or religious prejudice, gang affiliation, or the use of tobacco, drugs or alcohol, are not permitted.
  8. ALL dress code rules and regulations are applicable while students are on campus.


The administration and School Based Management reserve the right, if necessary, to add, delete or modify this list, especially any and all items which affect the safety and security of our students and staff. Consequences may include, but are not limited to: a parent contact or conference, a directive to cover the non-complying clothing, or be provided with appropriate, clean clothing to wear for the remainder of the school day.