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School of Advanced Studies

Schools of Advanced Studies (SAS)

Lawrence Middle School's "Schools for Advanced Studies" (SAS) program is designed to meet the needs of gifted/talented students, particularly those that seek advanced learning beyond the core curriculum. Each grade level team has developed a sequenced, yet student-centered curriculum, which is aligned with and leads into the SAS program at our local high schools (Chatsworth High School, Granada Hills, El Camino, Cleveland). SAS students learn by exploring, inquiring, and seeing issues from multiple points of view. The student will be challenged in a caring, supportive environment.

What is the Schools for Advanced Studies?


The Schools for Advanced Studies (SAS) are programs designed throughout the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) which have been implemented to improve educational options and increase professional training to support the development of gifted and talented students. The SAS program essentially ensures that our gifted and potentially gifted students are being challenged in meaningful ways.


Our Goals
Lawrence Middle School seeks to prepare students for Advanced Placement classes, state/national tests, and college. At the same time, our program enhances the natural curiosity and love of learning in every student. We emphasize the development of problem-solving abilities while promoting creative and critical thinking in an enjoyable learning environment. Whether it’s investigating an archaeological dig, dissecting frogs, designing an ideal habitat for an endangered species, or constructing and testing bridges, your student will see the world from multiple perspectives as they apply their learning to their own life experiences.